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Premier Commercial Construction offers a variety of project delivery methods and contract structures to fit the varying needs of our clients.  With this broad range of delivery methods at our disposal, we are able to custom tailor a solution for each of our clients to address their unique requirements.

  • General Contracting – Our roots are in general contracting, the most familiar and traditional contract structure in the construction industry, and a large portion of our work is completed under a General Contractor relationship.  Contracts are generally structured as a fixed scope of work for a fixed lump-sum price, based on a full set of architectural and engineering drawings provided by your design team, or a specific scope of work that we provide.  General contracting gives you a firm cost at the beginning of a project and reduces your risk of unforeseen costs as the work progresses. 


  • Construction Management – The Construction Management structure resembles a traditional general contracting relationship, however with this method, the contract is structured as a flexible “open-book” contract, usually with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP/GMAX).  This allows you to reduce the risk of unforeseen costs, while taking advantage of savings that may be created during the construction process.  The CM structure also allows you greater freedom to be involved in the evaluation and selection of specific design partners and trade subcontractors, so you can easily integrate preferred vendors into our CM team.  The CM structure is particularly useful when the scope and/or budget are not fully defined, allowing the contractor to be part of the team early on in the project pre-construction phase.  This allows the client and contractor to work together through the design process to make informed decisions about scope, cost, and schedule.


  • Design / Build – Allow us to choose the perfect design team for your project from our extensive network of architects, engineers, and specialty consultants.  We’ll work with you to identify your wants, needs, and constraints, and hand-pick the best design team to execute your vision.  In a seamless process, we’ll also assemble and oversee the construction team required to turn your concept into a concrete reality, usually within the framework of a lump-sum or GMP/GMAX contract.


  • Owner & Tenant Representation – With deep experience in commercial real estate, allow our team to act as an advocate for your organization as an owner or tenant representative.  Typically utilized in conjunction with lease negotiation and tenant improvements, this contract structure provides a complete solution for organizations seeking a strong advisor for site selection, workletter creation, improvement allowance negotiation, and turn-key project oversight to maximize the value created during the leasing process.

  • Project Management – Let us serve as a true extension of your organization by utilizing a comprehensive project management contract structure, in which we can provide leadership throughout business planning, design team selection, conceptual design development, budget & schedule creation, contractor selection, construction execution, and occupancy. Early involvement of a strong project manager can help realize enterprise-level costs savings for your organization by utilizing a disciplined process to identify needs, wants, and constraints, overseeing the selection of the appropriate design & construction partners, and relentlessly focusing on your strategic priorities.  In addition to design & construction, our skilled project managers will handle change communication with your employees, IT/FF&E sourcing & installation, relocation management, and much more.

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